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Creating impact through smart investing

30Thirty Capital only invests in commercially viable projects that demonstrate the ability to generate above market returns. We look beyond the monetary value of an investment and believe the success and sustainability of projects come through including local communities, involving women and youth, considering educational, health and environmental benefits combined with the commercial aspects of investments.

30Thirty is a proactive investor. It places its funds in sustainable, high growth, life impacting businesses and inclusive enterprises that demonstrate positive environmental stewardship, and promote the empowerment of women, youths and the (rural) community.

Our Target Sectors


SME Support

SMEs are at the heart of development and growth for Zambia. 30Thirty provides access to finance, access to energy solutions and professional services to support SMEs in their strategy, communications, corporate image, and overall stakeholder engagement leading to improvement in the delivery and quality of their products and services.

Silk Rolls

Market Access

Many small-scale farmers and producers don’t have access to stable off-take agreements and markets. 30Thirty provides stable access to markets, spot payments, technical assistance, and ongoing training

Information Technology


Mobile technology and related solutions are increasingly integrated throughout Southern Africa. Opportunities are vast to bridge existing infrastructure gaps in areas such as finance, agriculture, education, healthcare, logistics and information / media.

Our Portfolio

Financing solutions to the local supply chain in the mining industry. 

Image by Shane McLendon

Full service offering to SMEs. Technical design, financing, procurement, installation and maintenance. Highly skilled and experienced team supported through partnership with ElSewedy Electrics and TotalEnergies.

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Procurement and logistics services to support SMEs in timely deliveries of high quality goods. Import and export.

Display Of Various Vegetables

Social network app designed to support leaders and event organizers, helping them manage groups and events more efficiently. Provides users that have similar interests with a platform to engage, grow their network and manage events.

Digital social media

Sustainable sourcing of raw honey from small-scale farmers that provides economic, social and environmental benefits. Leading ISO 22000 certified processing plant. Exporting to clients in the region and beyond.

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Professional communication for private corporates and state owned enterprises. Relationship and trust building vehicle by combining communications, media and corporate expertise.

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Koloso is a mind stimulating learning app which allows people of all ages to challenge themselves and acquire the fundamentals of mathematics.

Two Friends with a Tablet
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