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Who We Are

30Thirty Capital was established by an engaged team of business builders and entrepreneurs with over 60 years of combined experience in structured finance, asset management, accounting, management, and legal practice.


We are driven by the ever-present social and environmental needs of communities across the African continent. We see that these social and environmental needs are not experienced by some countries only, but that we share these burdens in varying degrees all across the continent.


It is our firm belief that we, as global citizens, can make a real and positive difference by simply changing our mindset and approach to the idea of what businesses should be and what they should strive to achieve. By building financially sound and sustainable growth businesses, 30Thirty is taking a deep dive into the world of impact investing, focusing on innovative entrepreneurs and companies that literally make it their business to make a difference in their communities. 


Our Vision


We believe in the innovative disruptor entrepreneurs and SME’s that will lead the charge to the future. We look to a future of inclusive businesses where the rural communities, women, and youth are supported and no longer marginalised and where businesses are environmentally conscious and responsible.

Our Mission


We believe in smart investment that provides growth capital and goes further to provide technical and management assistance. We nurture young companies with high growth potential in strategic sectors in order to create greater impact, in the social, environmental and economic arenas and transfer the expertise to them in order to create sustainable enterprises.

What we're up to


We are actively investing in young high-growth companies in three investment focus areas. SME Support, Market Access and Technology. Our investments in the agri-value chain, finance, clean-tech and alternative energy sectors, logistics, communication, education, and social media build are located in Zambia.

How we view success


Success for us is creating financially successful and sustainable businesses that are socially and environmentally conscious and responsible, leaving a lasting positive effect on their communities.

Friendly Business Team
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