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Our Impact Story

30Thirty Capital has created a vast impact on the Zambian community through their dedicated belief in the ideas brought forward by their entrepreneurs. These investments have made extensive, positive contributions to the lives of Zambian citizens. For example, the creation of jobs through small-scale farmers has reduced unemployment rates and led to economic growth. Our emphasis on gender equality, particularly in women-led businesses, diversifies the supply chains and brings a more inclusive and dynamic approach. Additionally, we place a focus on education and extending access to those previously marginalised due to a lack of resources. Here are some of the ways that we have helped to create a positive change within our community:


Wild Hive & Co. provides over 4000 small-scale farmers with the opportunity to earn an additional income to support their families. This number more than doubled from 2021 and is expected to keep growing.


Jade Solar equips Zambian SME's with innovative high quality turn-key solar and storage solutions. Jade Solar is providing their corporate clients with solutions for its renewable energy needs to become green, sustainable and resilient to climate change.


Koloso is an app designed and suited to people of all ages and grants a generic understanding of mathematics. This gives people an opportunity to have access to a fundamental education in an engaging way.


30Thirty Capital and Sevington Capital have come together to help women-led businesses. They allow women to scale their businesses to the best they can be. The main goal is to help women to get to the next level within their business and provide resources to help them achieve their full potential.


30Thirty Capital and Sevington Capital provide financial solutions to the local supply chain in the mining industry. They empower sub-Saharan SMEs by providing quality financial services and help grow their businesses into sustainable operations.


Wild Hive & Co. provides small-scale beekeepers with top bar beehives which aid the resoration of the Miombo woodlands. This alternative form of sustainable agriculture helps to reduce the degradation of the ecosystem. Wild Hive & Co. has protected 20,000 ha of forest up to date.

Which SDG’s we cover:

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