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Creating impact through smart investing

Our target sectors


Agriculture is the job engine of the region (formal and informal). Given Southern Africa’s population explosion, sustainable solutions and ecological technologies are required for growing, processing, storing, transporting and financing agricultural products.

Clean-tech & renewable energy

A large proportion of the regional population are off-grid and fossil fuels account for majority of energy use. Demand for energy, water, sustainable waste management and recycling are becoming increasingly important.


Mobile technology and related solutions are increasingly integrated throughout Southern Africa. Opportunities are vast to bridge existing infrastructure gaps in areas such as finance, agriculture, education, healthcare, logistics and information / media.

30Thirty Capital invests in commercially viable projects only that demonstrate the ability to generate above market returns.

We look beyond the monetary values of an investment and believe success and sustainability of projects comes through including local communities, involving women and youths, considering educational and health benefits and the environment combined with the commercial aspects of investments.

What we seek to achieve
Stock Charts in the Newspaper

Deepening of the financial sector


Skills development


Facilitating industrial development


Environmental protection


Enterprise growth and enterprise formation


Women & youth empowerment


Employment creation


Enabling tech solutions

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